Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kid At Heart

On Tuesday, I went grocery shopping with Boss and Pisa. Wishi-wishu was busy at the Dean's Office sorting his hostel arrangement. News are still not too good for him. They sent him on a wild goose chase, having to speak to this fella/that fella and whatnots. If he isnt granted a room in Kahovskaya Hostel, he is welcomed to stay with us in the apartment. I dont mind sharing the other half of the hall with him. Just have to be careful when I walk about naked LOL

Vehhh-pereod!: Hahahahahaa in Russian "Forward!"

I love clinging onto the trolley whenever Boss pushes it down the aisle. Even back then in Ashan. Mind you, that hypermarket is always crowded :) Pisa gets very embarrassed and pretends not to look while Boss (the cool one) quietly pretends the trolley didnt weigh 50kg heavier! Hahahaha the joy of jumping onto the edge of the trolley which is filled with vegetables and meat. We bought sufficient supplies for a week or so. I want to start on my old diet soon. I really cant afford to be eating so much. At least not the same amount since I am smaller than them.

Then this afternoon, we got our zacheot for Therapy. One cycle cleared and Dr.Moiseev gladly signed us off. The whole group headed to IKEA for lunch. I stuffed myself with Mushroom soup (dipped with hot buns), nuggets and french fries as main dish. I nibbled the 2-inch thick apple pie by myself. Oooohhhh gluttony is no fun. I was so bloated till I couldnt sit up straight! We sat around waiting for Yun Kin's arrival, just yakking and gossiping away.

Masked Greetings: To Black Mamba and Cousin Feeble!

Mun Yee and I had loads of fun at IKEA. We tried on these fancy hats (for kids) and we looked awfully silly :P Too bad both our handphones were low on batteries. She only managed to snap my picture! Hahahahahaa I almost couldnt recognise myself! Zhao Ing turns 24 tomorrow and she will throw a party in her room on Saturday. She has requested permission for me to stay over for the weekend. I bought a pair of earrings for her. I think it will be fun plus she is cooking 12 kinds of dishes for dinner. Good luck on that!

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