Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gossip Alert

I must shamelessly admit that I enjoy hearing them. Fortunately, I have some dignity left for I dont share with everyone that passes by. I spill every bit of detail to Pisa and thats about it. Chart toppers now are about Jed and Priscilla's break up and our very own astronaut, Dr.Sheikh. But I cant share the confidential info here so lets just proceed without tarnishing his "happy" image LOL.

Jed and Priscilla (hottest girl around) found each after shortly after my 19-year-old birthday bash at Hard Rock Cafe. That was in 2003. I met up with Jed after Oncology lecture. Speaking of which, today is the Director's (of Russian Cancer Research Center) birthday and THAT screwed up our schedule. Lecturers didnt show up, cafeteria was closed and finally in the end, a well-dressed man who was introduced as Professor something, something presented the lecture. I suspect someone random just volunteered to drop by after the Director's birthday party. Pfftttt!

Oooohh what was I writing about before this.. right. My meeting with Jed at Varshav Food Court. We have always wanted to catch up but never really found the time/date for it. Then I heard my groupmates placing bets on whether or not his relationship ended.. I thought he might need someone to talk to.

Turns out, Priscilla is the one drowning in tears, hoping Jed would change his mind! He explained that they were fighting all the time and she has a bad-temper, complained that he spends too much time cycling.. Jed said she just wanted to make noise because he always made sure she was occupied, prepared dinner for her before he ran off with his bicycle etc Jed said he has had enough of her and their relationship.

Meet Jeddy Boy: He's a good kid, almost like a brother to me

A wise man said, "If its not meant to be, it will never be". Then guess who spotted us! 2 gossipmongers *slaps my forehead*. Before we left, Jed said we should go over to say Hi which was what we did. Both of them giggled while throwing lines like:

- Wahhhhh.. you two dating aaahhhh?!!
- Sooooooon Gary (Jed's roommate) will have to move out of the room!!
- That means.. we will see you in the hostel very often!!
- Aiyaaaaa.. when started??
- Dont have to be shylaaaaahhhh, all also close friends!!

I dont underestimate these 2 juniors' natural talent to raise the heat. I can almost foresee a gossip headline right about now like "There is a THIRD party involved!" or worst yet "Jed dumped Priscilla for HER??". OMG.

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