Sunday, October 07, 2007

Flurry Tongue

Yesterday evening was (awkwardly) pleasant for Zhao Ing's belated birthday celebration. She had prepared the 10-meal course dinner since 1030am and we managed to have a taste of everything slightly before 8pm. She looked exhausted by then. There were 12 of us crammed in her single room, ate with minimal conversation because food was really good.

Brown Stuff: Dont judge the dish by its colour!

I loved the barley drink the most! The "Yong Tau Foo", stir-fried Kai Lan, roast chicken, spring rolls, tofu and others were equally tasty but for some reasons.. it must have been the marination with soya sauce which gave my tongue slight irritation. Victor's contribution was a huge pot of Shark's Fin Soup! Minus the shark's fin LOL The soup tasted EXACTLY like what we get in Chinese restaurants. But sadly, before removing it from the stove.. he had cracked 4 eggs and 1 of the eggs was rotten! He was really disappointed by his carelessness. He managed to scoop the yolk and whites from the soup but still..

Everyone Gets Their Share: Douglas scooping Basmati rice

Munch Away: Hahahaaa cheeks that look like chipmunks!

Nevertheless, we all had a fair share of the pseudo-Shark's fin soup! We thought "Fuck it, if only one is going to get sick and miss class.. might as well all of us get sick and the entire group miss one whole cycle!". And to that (except me to be honest) extra portions were served :) I spent a night in Kahovskaya hostel, in Zhao Ing's room. Before I fell into food coma, we had a little heart-to-heart chat which rarely happens. I could see Zhao Ing and Hwong werent talking earlier, my guess was they fought. She admitted that Hwong is not The One for her then we continued discussing about this subject.

The One. Hmmmm.. there is really no answers to how to tell if he is THE One. I think I might have found mine. But how can I be totally sure?

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