Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dynasty Tang

We Are Chinese: Try to zoom in on the Chinan dancer on the booklet

Mun Yee, Douglas and I went to watch a dance entitled "The Great Dynasty Tang" performed by the Sichuan Cultural Dance Group. I was mesmerized by their fancy costumes, the female dancers' graceful moves and as much as I dislike Chinans (slang=Chinese from China) I must say they looked fucking gorgeous on stage.

Their complexion is so bloody fair.. not just the face! I mean they do put heavy duty make up but if the body has the same shade! Dont tell me they powder their arms and legs and torso too?

Russia and China have strong political and economical ties so the theme is "Chinese Year in Russia. The dance has 3 chapters - from the triumph of Qin Emperor fighting off bandits, the leisure, life and work of its people in the Kingdom and the political ties with countries that The Silk Road crosses. The dancers even performed to Bharatanatyam, Persian and Korean to prove their talents. Goodness.. they left the aundience in the entire hall of Maleii Theatre with gasps followed by thunderous applause! Both my palms are sore from uncontrollable clapping :P

The ticket price was worth every kopeek! Its no a wonder that so many men are bewitched by the Chinan girls' whatever you call it- charm, seduction, beauty, delicacy. Still, I know it is not an excuse for husbands to be such heartless bastards to leave their once-were-attractive wives. But hands down! The petite oriental women I witnessed this evening were something else. Tskk tskkk..

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