Friday, October 05, 2007

Desperate Duck

"D-E-S-P-O, D-E-S-P-O.. and Despo is his current name O!"

I dont know to feel sorry or angry with Quek. He has a roommate who periodically spreads gossips about his dire need for a girlfriend or his struggle hitting on any. I would say its peer pressure since both his roommate and blockmate are dating (privately voted) hottest girls in the batch while he keeps getting rejected/fooled by one after another. I may sound cruel but he deserved it. His targets were always infamous girls with high level of promiscuity.

My beef with Quek is that, he tells me how I should find a nice guy for a proper relationship all the time. Today at Medical Law lecture, he had the cheek to comment that from what he knows about me.. I only like to go for guys with parents who are slightly rich so that they can afford to buy me things to make me happy. Imagine my utter disgust at his mentality. I told him that he doesnt know shit. He said that I am pissed because there is some truth in his line! OMG.. fucking hopeless.

To escape WW3 with me, he would justify his statements by saying "Sorrylahhh.. I am too Chinese". I understand EVERY guy sees themselves as the perfect lover or has the potential to score. Unfortunately for guys like Quek who dont/arent given the chance.. obviously feel bitter about it! I want to instill reality into his sorry ass that there must be something wrong with him! Ooohh best part is.. he claims he enjoys being single.

A while ago he sent me a couple of sms. I replied to one, "You are such a joker. No wonder I never considered you to be my boyfriend". That was my tactic to hit HIS spot and I was right. He got offended and his lame comeback was "Ya. I am a joker but if you can find a stable guy or owns a business, then I wont comment so much".


Firstly, who are you to even comment in the first place! So I wrote "Then you dont have to worry.. he and my Mum watch Astro together :P I am also very Chinese.. its just that you are only a different kind". My phone hasnt rang since. Most people tell me that Quek has the biggest crush and if I accept him, all problems would be solved. Solve my bloody shit *shakes my head*. I know that I am silly to be bothered about him. But I have a love-hate relationship with Quek. He has a good heart.. he does. Otherwise he would be invisible in my eyes.


Julienne said...

Awww...screw WW3. Come bristol or lets go on a holiday we go find togeather! xx

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Ehhhh when do YOU have holidays? I cant leave Russia after 18 Jan :(

Julienne said...

holidays in December but am going back for christmas!! But my class is only 9 hours every two weeks. come lar