Thursday, October 25, 2007

Contagious Cycle

TB started this week and so far, it's damn tiring. The hospital is not to say too far from my crib but I wake up at 630am daily since I dont like to rush in the mornings. I freshen up, prepare breakfast, have my cereals, take my own sweet time to the Metro etc. Funny thing is that most professors of this department keep reminding us that Tuberculosis is the No.1 (infectious disease) killer in the world and they feel the need to declare that rather often!

Her Eyeliner: Horizontally drawn.. magnifies her eyes 10x!!

Today felt extra busy because Dr.Biron (who has very thick ass eyeliner drawn on both her eyes) gave neverending lecture on Primary Tuberculosis, then drilled us kau kau on lung X-ray pictures 10 after another 20 then Tuberculin lecture AND invited volunteers to do the TB test! But surprisingly I enjoy this cycle even though they drag us till 2.30pm sharp. There is no release from class earlier. The first 2 days, they gave unnecessary breaks in between and made us watch documentaries from India (highest mortality rate) to keep us on our seats.

Our group is still co-studying with Group 10. There are 7 of them- Ruupak, Nikhil, Sandipan, Mayank, James, Reshma and Yashota. Hear their names also you can tell they are authentic Indians LOL Actually since last semester we have been sharing same cycles with them. The guys are all pranksters, none of them are ever punctual except for James. Ooohhh James speaks too fast with a twisted tongue (heavy duty Indian accent). No one from my group understands what he says but the teachers seem to comprehend his words perfectly fine.

Subcutaneous Jab: Test for TB exposure

Indian Counterparts: Reshma (a real sweetheart) and Yashota on my left

I took the Tuberculin skin test. Only 10 were given the opportunity, helluva opportunitylahh. If the red mark measures >15mm then have to do X-ray. If tested positive to be a carrier.. prolly have to be quarantined for 6months with chemoprophylaxis and shit like that! But of course, I doubt it will happen to anyone of us :P I am just being dramatic. Results only appear after 72hours. Now we have to raise our arm when we shower because the skin cannot touch water, otherwise the staining wouldnt be accurate. TB- No.1 killer hahhahahaa!