Saturday, October 27, 2007

Classic Trio

It is well-known that Hwong, Yun Kin and I celebrate our birthdays together fortyearly. Both of the boys' birthdays fall on 27th while mine is on the 28th. Still, everyone at the party would stay till midnight and then wish me Happy Birthday before heading home :)

Cream Noses: The Classic Trio's Birthday Sundaes

Close Up: Hahahahaa bugger birthday boys bullied me!

2003 and 2005 were held at Hard Rock Cafe but unfortunately this year, the weekend was fully-booked so we resorted to TGI Friday's at M.Frunzenskaya! It turned out to be just as fun! About 25 fellas came, all dressed in their best party clothes LOL I cant really go all detailed about the over-dressed Chinese girls but you know what, I am going to include Pisa's entry here. Anyone interested for a more detailed description of the night should click on the link! She hasnt posted any pictures though since I am hogging the laptop LOL

Placing Orders: That's Olya at the far end taking orders

Our waitress, Olya was wonderful (I mistook her name for Lena even though everyone tried to convince me that I was wrong :P). She did her job efficiently, fast and still kept smiles even though you could see the service was beyond a handful. I liked her. We were sure to give her a huge tip at the end of the night. The rest of the cartoons were SO busy snapping pictures of each other. Like 10 shots in one position, then slightly shift the angles and then another 10 shots. Goodness.. I have no idea how to accumulate the pictures from them later!!

Our Corner: Usual Suspects Since Beginning Of Time (except Hwong- hes new)

Lick The Salt: Tequila.. A Must In Every Occasion!! LOL

Pisa's Treat: She just had to B52 me! Thank you Babes!

Of course, booze! Hahahaha what is a party without alcohol :D I had glasses of Apple Jack which was reeeeaaally yummy!! Jack Daniels with apple juice! Later I bought shots of tequila for us, the birthday boys, Pisa treated me and Quek B52 (Oooohhh flaming!! I like!!) and much later, we were drinking beer. Hahahahaa I seriously enjoy drinking. Such joy! *gulp, gulp, gulping like a fish*. Majority of them had cocktails like Mojitos and Tequila Sunrise.. Victor and Hui Min had milkshakes LOL

Group 3: Quek, Aksan, Victor, Me, Zhao Ing, Douglas, Mun Yee, Sunny & Hwong

The Long And Large Bill: I thought this was a cute picture LOL

Quek being Quek, spoke a lot of shit when he got high. OMG. It was classic. 6 years ago he was reeled out of the cab back into Pushkin and tonight we had to keep him under control so the scenario wouldnt take place again! We all got very alarmed once his volume increased and exclaiming "Wow!" and "Yeahhh!!". Hahahahaa what a cartoon. Only 8 of us stayed back in the end for more drinks. Boss, Pisa, Sunny, Quek, Hwong, Aksan, his wife-Diana and myself. I wasnt too keen to continue the party at a club in town, neither did Pisa so we decided to call it a night.

Crazy Russians: They insisted on taking pictures with us!

I had a lot of fun. Many birthday wishes from beeped on my phone, I felt touched :) Navin sent me 3-4 sms based on Malaysian time, Russian time and because daylight savings starts tomorrow, he got to wish me twice! Jujhar sent me one which I seriously dont know why he even bothered. My neighbour's maid can wish me with more affection. Even Chun Lin wished me nicely! It's okay! The break up is a gift for myself *grins* His loss. Navin was right that I deserve a guy who will treat me much better!

The night was perfect, really. Last birthday celebration in Moscow :)

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