Friday, October 12, 2007

Blues Away

I forgot to call Aron earlier this week, he turned 27 on Monday. He organised a little gathering at the Roadhouse Grill at M.Spartivnaya which turned out pleasant.. and somewhat depressing (before we called it a night). Ooohh well.. who would have predicted that all of them are still here when I am in my 6th year :)

Swati, Iasonas, Aida, Hosein and Aron are doctors for real. Each of them are specialising in different hospitals. Swati is a licensed Gynaecologist, Iasonas is posted in Dermatology, Aida in General Surgery, Hosein is training in Orthopedics department and Aron assisting in Plastic Surgery. We have come a long way, really. Plus you can tell that they are old now.. choosing to patronise a pub with live band singing the Blues. They all had beers and Russian Standard but I just sipped glasses of orange juice.

Roadhouse Grill: The petite saxophone guy was really good!

Familiar Faces: Iasonas rolling his tobacco, Swati and Hosein

I sat next to Aron wich was okay at first. Until the 3rd/4th bottle of vodka.. he started to bring up old stories and was apologetic for everything which happened between us. He told me how much his Mum misses me and what an idiot he had been. It was really awkward for me. I heard him telling Olya (Hosein's girlfriend) about our history. Olya felt it was a waste that our relationship didnt work out, she said we looked perfect together. Yeah. REALLY awkward. I tried to remain silent, pretended as though it was no big deal.

But I couldnt stop but wonder.. are/were we? I mean seriously. How come all our common friends seem to think so?

More Familiar Faces: Myself, Aron and Aida (and a buffalo wing LOL)

Anyhow, I enjoyed the picture of being there tonight. Seeing Aida and Hosein back in Moscow after KL was wonderful. Aida remembers Jujhar as "The Singh who is SO nice!". Iasonas will always be the lala from Cyprus. "Ela, malaga!" and "Namo re!". Then Swati.. just like how I remembered her. It was nostalgic with them tonight.. back then they were the usual suspects I saw on daily/weekly basis. We spent a lot of time at each others' apartments and stuff. I felt like those activities took place long time ago.. way too long time ago..

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