Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tsaritsyno Park

Wishnu asked us to join his groupmates for an outing to the annual Honey Expo this afternoon and I happily followed. I had soooooo much fun! Boss and Pisa stayed home though. Wishnu and I met Noreen, Manisha, Sangeeta, Arunah, Sukhi and Sharon outside M.Tsaritsyno (these buggers were late!). Wishnu went with the hope of seeing "honeys" but I kept telling him only old ladies with saggy boobs and apron sell honey. He refused to believe me LOL

Group 2 consists of only Indians. Sundram and Farid Khan didnt come. The former's girlfriend is not feeling well so he had to take care of her and the latter's father and brother in Moscow for a visit so they got their own plans. I have always admired Noreen, Manisha, Sangeeta and Arunah's friendship. Their unity is unbreakable. They are always on the lookout for each other, whenever, wherever. They are amazing as a whole. The last time I hung out with them was prolly in Pre-Med Year. I really enjoyed myself with Group 2 in that couple of hours.

Bugger Wishnu: Check out the trees at the back of us.. sweet right?

The Tsaritsyno Park was packed! I guess since it is Sunday and Russians LOVE walking in the parks. When we talk about parks, dont imagine the same situation in KL/Malaysia. It parallel to what we have in our country. Parks in Russia is lovely spelled with capital letters. They are clean (most of them are) with benches and beautiful sceneries. The air is breezy especially now that it is autumn, the trees are shaded with yellow, orange and red.

Not-So-Small Girls: Arunah, Noreen, Manisha, Sangeeta and I

We walked uphill towards the 200-year old Tsaritsyno Estate which is rather historical. It was one of Catherine the Great's many summer getaway palaces and god knows how many she had. There is a gigantic musical fountain beside the lake and hundreds of people gathered around it. We didnt go into the museum though. We took our own sweet time walking amongst the crowd and prolly only covered 1/4 of the 60-hectare land. I really liked the colourful leaves woven garlands worn around the heads of some Russian girls. I managed to borrow one from a passerby!

Lovely Headgear: Yay!! The garland matches my top too!

Very Sweet Boys: Sharon at 6'2, Me, Sukhi and Wishi-wishu

Sukhi, Sharon and Wishnu are such darlings. Boys will be boys. Apart from Sharon, the other two were full of mischief! Sukhi loves taking photographs, Sharon snaps them and Wishnu poses once in a while. The girls were giggling, smiled so much and the guys were laughing away.. I was really happy too. The people at the park did find us interesting. Looked at a bunch of coloured folks and an oriental girl.. fully functional and having a great time. Some Russians even asked if they could take pictures with us! :)

Bhangra-Peace: Wishnu and Sukhi irritating Sharon in this picture

Asian Postures: Hehehee I think this picture is kinda cute

It is truly our final year. I can feel it already. I told myself whatever these fellas from my batch organise, I will try to participate. If the Indian students (from India) like Shilpa, Archana or Joanna come up with something and invite me along, I would be most honoured to join them.. hell, even if Sangeeta Sri Lanka decides to ask me to go to the cafeteria with her! LOL Now thats pushing it but I am trying to prove my point here. I am looking forward to more of outings with my own group and others. Be it rain or shine.. I will try to be there!!

ps. By the time we left the Tsaritsyno Estate, we didnt find the Honey Expo and Wishnu didnt see any "honeys" either LOL


Anonymous said...

her name is shilpa... muahahah

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Yes, yes.. thank you for the correction :)