Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Truly Asia

We attended Therapy halfway this morning to support our Malaysian booth at the Conkurs Expo Center today! Proud to be Malaysians. It is a massive 3-day exposition with 3/4 of the world promoting their countries mainly for holiday destinations, perhaps for business venture and investment as well.

Attraction: Shirley, Yun Wen and Prissy boosting the colours of Malaysia

Several countries have very outstanding settings.. cant even call them booths anymore LOL Abu Dhabi looks damn classy and expensive, Egypt with hieroglypical styrofoam pillars, Philippines has many interesting indigenous displays, African countries have huge posters of their wildlife etc. Ours is impressive too. We have the Petronas Twin Towers perched until the ceiling with our slogan "Malaysia Truly Asia" draped in between the connecting bridge :) Douglas and his team performed traditional dances to attract more patrons. These people come to enquire, collect stacks of magazines, brochures and information leaflets.

Rice Cake: Taste of Philippines (Victor has shaky hands with the camera)

After an hour or two, I was exhausted. My eyelids felt heavy and all I wanted to go home badly. We took the transport provided by Tourism Malaysia so we had to wait for the pickup at 6pm (after closing). I had to quietly sit but my frowning face was a big giveaway. What to do :P It was quite an experience actually. I wasnt dressed for this event though. Mun Yee came to class with make up and I knew she was up to something. Then she said that we all could go because Douglas has enough tickets. Oooohhh we met this Malaysian hotelier by the name of Captain Charles who offered to give us 50% discount to Holiday Villa in Cambodia and Bali. Not bad eh?

I reached home around 930pm. We left the place and got stuck in the jam for 2hours! Quickly gobbled up my dinner and we all had Carrot Cake with whipped cream. I knew these cartoons would miss me whilst I was gone. Pisa said the kitchen was very quiet. I told you. My presence in this household is very important for I keep the harmonious chi flowing! Hahahahaaa it's true.

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