Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tiếng Việt Market

We seem to have many places to visit after class this week! I followed Mun Yee, Victor, Zhao Ing and Sunny to M.Tulskaya today. Since the Russian authorities have closed down the Chinese market at Ismailovskii Park, they get oyster sauce and Baby "bak-choy" and whatnots from here. Mun Yee also told me about this skillful Vietnamese tailor who alters coats/jeans at a very cheap price :)

Unaware: Before knowing what lies on the trays ahead of us LOL

The market sucks anyway. We have to walk through the clothes section (something like a bazaar) then a pathway that leads to a small filthy door that has blood stains on it. There are only 5 stalls with little selection of vegetables (which didnt look too clean) and some rubber-looking chickens. We stayed in the first stall closest to the entrance. The owner was somewhat friendly plus we were ransacking his stuff. I bought what I thought safest! Only 6 packets of Tom Yam instant noodles.

Word is, Vietnamese consume dog meat. Mun Yee whispered to me there was an unidentified animal lying on the tray in the next stall. She suspected that it could be a dog or some sort *shrugs*. My groupmates had a gala picking items which I have no idea how to cook them. The butchers there are all females and I think they mistook me for their kind. One of them kept greeting me in their language.. it wasnt just Sing-chow.. dunnolahhh. She sounded weird and suspicious. Maybe she was going to offer me some marinated dog meat LOL

I will go there for the tailor. I want to shorten my long ass trenchcoat. I bought it during my Pre-Medical year (that was 2001) but I have only worn it less than 5 times. Back then I wasnt so fashionable. Mun Yee owns the exact same one as mine and the tailor did a fabulous job. Hahahahaa I want my trenchcoat to look trendy too and not with the bottom dragging dirt on the streets!

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