Sunday, September 23, 2007


A couple of days ago, I wrote about my post-graduate plans. But yesterday, Reena conveyed the conversation with Bernard about working in Australia after our 6th year. Reena suggested that I should keep it as an option because with JUST our medical degree, we are qualified to practice in their hospitals in the suburbs. On average, we would be paid A$70K per annum which is A$10K more than working in the cities.

Sounds fucking awesome right? The only catch is, our patients would be Bogans (rednecks), ranchers, sheep-herders and alot of weirdos in what Malaysians term "kampung" people. Jason and Reena were Down Under for a holiday and Reena says and I quote, "Kampung means kampuuuuunggg". That would be the only holdback or challenge for us. There are lots of benefits in this. We can work a year or two, sit for AMC (Australian Medical Council) exam and if we pass, then only we can upgrade to working in the cities.

But hey.. I dont see myself in Australia for long. One/two years of practice, bag A$70K each, more than enough money to enrol myself for specialisation in Dermatology and start a life. Dont knowlahhhh.. I really have to decide very soon. We have to start sending application to a 1000 hospitals and according to Bernard, at least 10% will reply. Then we should send him the list of those which replied and he would highlight the best choices for us. Very kind of this neurologist huhhh.

And then.. comes Jujhar. Lately I have been feeling insecure about our relationship. I know he assures me all the time about how we must have trust and he will make things work. But I still bug him about it. Jujhar is just amazing. I tend to worry like he will meet another girl and I dont know.. I guess I am being silly.

I sent him an sms to ask what will happen to our relationship if I dont work in Malaysia for a couple of years. I already upset him earlier during the day about it and then he had to put up with my question. Then came the misunderstanding. He interpreted it as I dont want him anymore or like finding reasons to break up with him LOL Yeahhh I raised an eyebrow too. It was solely a misunderstanding.

Jujhar doesnt realise that I want to be with him SO BADLY that I am willing to turn down the opportunity to work elsewhere. I explained that to him. We discussed further and I am glad we sorted things out. Maybe I have forgotten how to function in a committed, long-distanced relationship. It was a failure with Kok Sieng because I was young, left home for the first time and went wild. Aron was a proper relationship but he wasnt meant for me. Khalid's case was different because it was no strings attached, cant even call it a long-distanced relationship since I was seeing him every 2months on average. Now its Jujhar and I am bloody serious about him. The 3weeks with him was wonderful. We went out alone, sometimes together with my friends, he hung out in my house, we went to makan and if we dont see each other, we spoke on the phone till morning..

SO.. lets say Australia does happen, I have absolutely nothing to worry about. So I was told :)

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