Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Low Key

My best friend and I sipping Mojitos like in Prague

This time we made sure Navin (Sharon’s cousin) came to join us! We ventured further to The Curve tonight. First we chilled out at The Laundry, had some cocktail sausages and Mojitos before we shifted upstairs to The Sanctuary. Melman was there with Daniel and some of his friends. It was good to see my god-brother again since the last time I saw/heard from him was in Penang at SS!

I told Dinesh earlier The Sanctuary was our venue and he dropped by. He acted okay, met Jujhar and asked me if he is my new boyfriend. Kinda obvious right. Dinesh looks the same. He wore a very tight red t-shirt which wrapped his big sized belly. THAT one I didn’t really understand. Ooohh TJ is the Resident DJ now. Hahahaa he shouted out a farewell greeting to me, that was pretty cool.

Navin lost some weight compared to his pictures on Friendster LOL Hes cute as ever with his somewhat mellowed Australian accent. It was good to see him again after a year plus! He brought a (huge) bottle of Courvoisier and it was smooooooth! I took Sharon’s advice to take it with Ginger Ale instead of my usual Coke :P Didn’t want a repeat of the other night’s embarrassment!

A lot of Bhais: Harjit, Sha, Navin, Sharon and Me

There were a lot of Chinese and none were lookable. Jujhar was dead tired, he nearly dozed off on the bench. I felt really bad for asking him to come tonight. We missed Tricia. She couldn’t make it because she was looking after her ill Aunt in Sentul. Of course we toasted “To Triciaaaaaa!!” the entire night! Sha likes to remind me that we are surrounded by Bhais lately LOL We left before 2am. Jujhar sent me home with a furry Doggie and a Minnie Mouse gold chain (his Valentine’s present in advance).

He's Just Shy: Jujhar and I, always wearing something matching

I told him that Minnie Mouse is bossy, fussy, complains a lot and bullies Mickey. He says “Sounds like you”. I am so gonna miss Jujhar. These 3 weeks have been amazing, we spent ample time together :) I love this guy. My friends are not very convinced but I feel this one is different. Yeahh yeahhh.. I know how many fellas I have written about and almost all sounded the same LOL Only time will tell, so be it.