Saturday, September 22, 2007

Instead Of Potluck

My groupmates didnt want to join the pre-Mooncake Festival potluck party at Kahovskaya hostel so they suggested that we go out for dinner at Etage. The 8 of us showed up at 630pm (which was too early for an evening in my opinion) and it turned out to be very pleasant. I was pleased that we managed to squeeze into one booth :)

Previously, somewhere before last semester ended, we had a group outing at Gino-Taki but we were seated separately. I was sulking because I thought whats the point of having a group event when we arent even on the same table. I ordered my usual Quesadillas *yums!* and Mojitos. Everyone enjoyed their food but I had to skip dessert. I am a small eater and my dish was filled with cheese and whatnots so that explained my bloated tummy LOL

False Colours: Victor and I playing the fool with the effects of my Nokia 6300. Cool ehh!

Random Shots: Rest of the group with Solarise effects but Zhao Ing isnt in the pic.. oops!

Actually all of us do this on daily basis in the cafeteria. Difference this time was that everyone was dressed (really dressed except me.. I was pretty casual) and we were on Tverskaya Street. It is smacked in the centre of Moscow and its high street. Oooohhh so high that a piece of normal pastry costs 3x higher than other side stalls :O But price of the food in Etage is very reasonable. Great ambience and their house DJ played a row of funky house music. It was nice!

The evening came to its end pretty early. Although its Saturday night, we didnt adjourn to anywhere else except for Douglas who stayed to meet his friend. I headed home and had a long chat with Pisa. Something which we havent done for a long time.. then Wishi-wishu came back from his 2-day getaway with a really good mood. Boss joined us in the kitchen, reading us jokes and asking riddles until we called it a night.

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