Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm Lovin' It

Boyfriends: Errr.. I cant explain what Harjit's doing but Harvin's ignoring him LOL

Second yum cha session at the 24-hour McDonald's joint in Ampang. Harvin spent his entire day off from work with Sharon. Heard they went shopping at Midvalley and all. Muffins is very happy with Harvin though I know she works very hard to earn his trust.

Everybody's got issues somewhere I guess. Even my best said Harjit memang is really nice and all.. there is still a "but" here and there. I wonder what is Jujhar's :)

I had a McChicken. You know what. I prefer Russia's LOL The sesame bun was hard and the chicken patty wasnt too tasty. Hahahahaa I am just being honest here. So the 5 of us sat around, talked cock and wondering what to do tomorrow night. At first Sharon suggested we go somewhere to chill but Sha bought a new dress so yeahhh.. we need more than dinner for my farewell. Seelahhh.. either Laundry or The Loft. Problem is tomorrow is a Wednesday and The Loft is very risky. The crowd, the music they play is highly questionable whethere it's gonna be happening or not.

Cockstare: As it is clearly snapped here, Sharon loves me

Heheheee I love to disturb Sharon alot. For some weird reason, she among the rests of the C4 has higher threshold for my jokes. Most of the pictures I have uploaded here are taken in clubs but that only makes senselahhh.. why would we wanna take pictures in cinemas and/or shopping malls right :P

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