Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grown Up

We came a long way: Me, Kevin, Jerry, Ah Chai, Sha and Sharon

We had a minor SSM gathering at Nirvana! Kevin, Jerry and Ah Chai didn’t ffk us this time! We managed to catch up on each others’ updates.. it was GREAT. EMA (Edwin Martin Andrews) dropped by too but strangely, we were very quiet with him around. One real macha. “How are youlahh Joe?”, “Dei!”, “Chill lahhh dei” etc. He left after a while.

Ah Chai looks the same. Kevin and Jerry are huge! Farah was really amused with the stories our mischief in school. I told them Jujhar’s my boyfriend and Kevin’s reaction was classic. He fell back and laughed like a donkey. He screamed “You ahhh!!” in disbelief LOL I wasn’t surprised. Jerry and Ah Chai were very tickled too. Ah Chai said Jujhar’s name sounds like weed. Hahahaha “Can I have some Jujhar?”.

I understand it was too much for Kevin to handle. We were in the same bus all the way, class and tuition at Kasturi and he has heard too much of my life stories :P Right from my crushes to proper boyfriends. Even after I left Malaysia, we made it to a point to meet up every summer holidays until he pak-toh with Debra, he pretty much abandoned me. Debra didn’t make it tonight because she had to take care of a friend bedridden at the hospital. It would have been nice if she came, she is really sweet.

Jaya is always brought up, SHE is never missed (or maybe she is that’s why we cant leave her name behind). Ah Chai saw her a couple of months back in Maison. Sharon says that she is nicknamed STD in college. It’s a shame but I say we can’t draw conclusions to why she got that reputation. Maybe someone just bad-mouthed her *shrugs*.

We left and that was it. A very pleasant closing to my last night in Malaysia for summer 2007. My last summer holiday. My flight is at 8am and I should be at the airport 2 hours before departure. Mummy is driving me to the airport. Gabby offered but I declined. So did Sharon. That one somemore I decline. What happens if her SAAB suddenly decides to break down LOL

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