Thursday, September 20, 2007

Future Withheld

During the holidays, Mummy and I visited Sylvia in Penang. She was really happy to see us. Her husband, Michael took us out for dinner at Queensbay Mall. So I told them about my plans for USMLE, how both my flatmates and I are going to sit for it in November. They gave their view of working in the states, then suggested that I should try Singapore.

I thought about it for a while but decided to carry on taking the exam with Jason and Reena. Unfortunately, I got to know that they have change in theirs plans at Nirvana's mamak stall when we happened to bump each other. I think it was the day out with Jujhar, Sharon and Sha. Hahahaaha imagine my surprise. I wouldnt have known about it if we didnt have lunch together. They did casually ask if I would try Australia. I told them I might consider Singapore instead.

Very soon, I shall brainstorm my post-graduate plans again. I doubt I will go anywhere far anymore. I miss Mummy. I want to stay close to her. I have been asking around my batch what are their plans. Most, so far are planned to head back to Malaysia for housemanship. I might jump into the bandwagon. So much for USMLE. Wanted to sit for it, hope to pass and we even chose which states we would be in. It was fun fantasizing though.

Sha passed her CLP! "Congratulations again!". Now I can officially declare "my best friend is a lawyer". Jujhar didnt though. He failed 2/3 papers so he has to resit the entire exam which takes place middle of next year I think. I dont know how else to comfort him but failed means failed right. One can only work harder (ps. I better keep this reminder to myself LOL).

So yeahhh.. that's about it.

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