Saturday, September 29, 2007

For Girls Only

It was kinda interesting that the Spice Girls came up with the idea of a picnic at Kolomenskii Park without any guys involved. Although it wasnt entirely true that this outing was for all the 6th Year girls because some werent even informed about it *shrugs*. I arrived early and had to wait for them outside the Metro for a while. It wasnt difficult to spot a big group of blurred faces, confused with which exit that leads to the park LOL

Clockwise: Jan Jan (cap), Von Yen, Swee Hung, Sharini, Zhao Ing, Mun Yee, Yee Gin, Puspha and I

The walk into the heart of the park took forever. I was busy interacting with Christabel, Angeline and had some chit-chats with Madeleine and Elizabeth. I was delighted to see that both of them joined in (actually more surprised that they were asked to come along :P). The fingerfoods they had prepared were delicious! I loved the fried noodles! Mun Yee and Zhao Ing prepared egg-mayo sandwiches and sardine bites. They told me I didnt need to bring anything (like always hehehee). Out of all the stuff laid out for our picnic, I loved the watermelon the most! Ohhhh, they were bloody sweet and juicy!! I kept singing praised to Madeleine about it.

Forking Noodles: Angeline, Huey Yin looking on and Lai Yee not bothered LOL

Food And More Food: Yum yums! My favourite watermelon chunks!

After filling our stomach, that was itlahhhh. Swee Hung with her hi-tech camera, started snapping pictures of everyone and the skills of posing in front of the lens went to a higher level. Seriously went to higher grounds. On the treeslah, on the hillslahhh.. it was hilarious. I made fun of Puspha since she got so excited with the trees. I expected her to run behind one to shoot a Bollywood MTV. Hehehehee I love my Nokia 6300. At least I can take some pictures with it but still, nothing beats a good old manual camera. Everybody gives their best smile. Sometimes it gets onto my nerves how time is being wasted on checking if the shot was good or not.

Stretching Out: Aahhhh serenity spelled with caps lock on! :)

To be honest, I dont really feel comfortable in the presence of Chun Lin. I dont know how she feels but to pretend a person is non-existant or invisible is difficult for me. Anyways, the rest of them were fascinated with my tattoo :) They asked me all sorts of questions and even focused their cameras on it! I feel soooooo proud of my butterfly! Some of them confessed they wanted but are afraid of the pain and hygiene.

Unfortunately I couldnt stay all the way for the outing. As I was sitting nicely on the log, I felt a gush of *ahem, ahem* and I knew it. I either look for a toilet which I had no fucking clue where I can find any or I head on home. I excused myself from everyone and kept my legs really closed together as I sped to the entrance of the park. I gave up looking for the toilet. I made it back to the apartment with my jeans stained with you-know-what. I had a fun day except it didnt end too well with my period stains and blisters (back of my heels) from my pair of new shoes LOL

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