Saturday, September 15, 2007

Flatmates' Night

And yes.. it continued with 3 flatmates and 1 co-inhabitant. Having enough of farting at Festival, we dropped by Peterochka on our way home for some alcohol and stuff necessary for tomorrow's breakfast. We gonna have pancakes. Yums! The guys bought Brahma (errr.. Brazilian beer) and Carlsberg while Pisa chose an Australian white wine to sip with me. It has a very cute Kangaroo sticker on the bottle.

Booooooze: and a bit of Jason's side profile LOL

It was a slow evening. We started after dinner which I prepared. Fried rice with last night's leftover Curry Chicken. Pisa was a real lala since it was in closed proximity and confessed that she isnt into drinking now (we all heard what happened at Maison last year *hugs*). I felt upset when she said at most she would take is 2 drinks and thats it. Then I imagined myself gulping down glassful of whiskey coke!

Boss and Wishi-wishu were engrossed in their Football Manager game on the PC so Pisa and I watched Mr.Bean's Holiday! We finally finished the movie! We could never because at 8:16 on the timer, the scene with Willem Dafoe just destroys me. (ps. you know until my silent laughter, Sha) LOL I would gag and totally lose control. Goodness. THAT captured cockstare at Mr.Bean is Oscar-winning man. We paused it, snapped his face and now its the picture ID for Jason/Reena's number!

Unbelievable: Willem Dafoe makes me laugh like a maniac, just look at his expression!!

Aaaahhh.. what a weekend :)

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