Saturday, September 15, 2007

Flatmates' Day

Uhmmm.. 3 flatmates and 1 co-inhabitant LOL Boss, Pisa and Wishi-wishu finished their Forensics class damn early. They called for me to have lunch at Festival (a mall down the road from our crib at Michurinskii Prospekt). I slept at 4am last night listening to a list of emo songs. Kinda nice actually.

I'm Lovin It: ... not! The french fries look kinda dodgy, come to think of it

I bought a McFresh which is really just McChicken with 2 miserable slices of cucumber and a slice of tomato. It costs 7 roubles (=about RM1) more. Never again! Boss and Pisa had Subway while Wishi-wishu had Rostik's-KFC. Fastfood prices over here are not cheap, thats for sure. I was bloated from my meal. That was why I didnt order anything at Schokoladnitsa.

We usually have coffee at this joint. Polite waitresses and comfortable ambience. We like to discuss about current issues, otherwise talk cock. I told them how I loved the Heineken ad for the Rugby World Cup and Pisa mentioned last year they had a great one too. The guy who goes into the pub and everything around him unfolded to the previous century.

I had a flash of that happening to us and told them we would end up sitting on the ground. True what. There was no Schokoladnitsa, no Festival and prolly just sand. Hahahahaa I crack myself up. Too bad I was too full. The chocolate fondue was nice. Happily sticking fruits and bread into the bubbling chocolate!

Happy Boys: Wishi-wishu reaching over for a banana to dip

This One: ... is just whacked LOL

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