Friday, September 07, 2007

Final Year

My journey on Thai Airlines was quick.

In less than 2 hours I reached Bangkok and transit was only an hour. The flight to Moscow was 9 hours plus, I slept as soon as I boarded, woke up in between meals until I couldnt sleep no more because the ladies on the same row kept getting up from the loo (I still prefer the aisle seat despite these situation).

So I am back to my kvatira (Russian: apartment) with Boss, Pisa, Mr.Ferret AND Wishnu. Hahahahaa hes temporarily bunking in my room because the hostel folks refuse to grant him a room. I say his rights are violated but then again, this is MMA. There isnt much noise you can make because the dogs bark as they like on the 12th Floor. Wishnu will return to enquire about his accomodation on 1st October. Until then, he will just have to listen to me talk in my sleep LOL

As much as I miss everyone in Malaysia, I am glad to be home. 2nd home nonetheless. I attend my first Therapy class next Monday. My group tells me there isnt much happening except seeing patients by ourselves and then present it to our Doctor. He is fussy and talks too much. Hahahahaa must be interesting.

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