Sunday, September 16, 2007


I admitlahhh.. I feel bad for calling Quek during the holidays on purpose not to meet up, but to tell him that I was headed to Klang with Gabby. I accompanied him to Econsave at Pandamaran to drop some documents before headed to Subang for lunch. A few days ago, at the Dean's office, Quek announced to the world about it. Min Guan giggled while shaking his head and for some weird reason, I was embarassed.

So I asked him out for dinner at Yakitoria (M.Mendeelevskaya branch). He was pleased of course. I arrived at the Japanese restaurant early to avoid having to wait for a table. This joint is damn popular in Moscow. Quek turned up at 7pm sharp. We ordered a pot of tea each. I had flowers+berries tea while he had Green tea. Our meeting was very casual and it wasnt no date. Pleaselahh. Why would it be LOL

We spoke about our holidays.. I wasnt very surprised that he just sat home for the whole 2 months. He told me he pulled out from the trip with his friends to Bangkok. I didnt poke him further for the reason. I guess it was financial. His parents will come for the graduation in June but he is making a fuss because his parents are vegetarian. He said they plan to cook their own meal *shrugs*.

Exotic Fish: I shouldnt be eating this.. forgot about my healing tattoo

Steady Hands: Just like his steady speech today hehehee

Usually 3/5 times when I order an unknown dish, it is served with disappointment. Only this time, the Fried Shark Meat with Tofu I picked from the menu was delicious! Quek had a mixed variety of sushi platter and Fried Rice. It was good that he acted normal and conversed properly. Otherwise he would mumble. Thats Quek for you. He also advised me to start looking for a stable guy I can count on. Reminded me that soon I will be 30 and prolly end up a spinster.

Me? A spinster? Well.. I do appreciate his concern :)

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