Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Clerking Cases

Our Therapy teacher-doctor IS fussy because nothing we present about our patients is close to correct. He uses lines like "Well, not quite you see..", "NoOooOo..", "Yeahhh but.." and so forth. He didnt have a problem with me missing a week of class because I think at the end of the cycle, he will be more than willing to get rid of us LOL

Hwong, Mun Yee and Douglas are in Kazakhstan. Hahahaha I told the folks in the house they went to Borat's audition (to be prostitutes) :P So this is what we do. Class starts at 930am. Actually its more like.. attendance are taken at 930am. Then we go off to 3rd floor to round the Cardio wards or Pneumology wards on the 5th floor. I have been partners with Zhao Ing, working on patients and going through their case histories.

We have improved a lot from clerking 2 patients to like about 5. I shall increase the number by the end of this week. My Nokie 6300 comes with a 2mega.pixel camera but strangely, I havent snapped any pictures. I used to pester Hwong to take all kinds of stuff. Ironic right? I took a picture of Zhao Ing reading a case history with atrocious Russian handwriting. Hehehee I thought one might mistake her for me.

Concentration: Taken in the ordinator's (interns) room

Updated: When they returned, it was usually me and Douglas working together.