Monday, September 17, 2007

Chicken Packs

Our stock in the fridge runs out fast! But then again, the last time Boss, Pisa and Wishi-wishu went to shop for groceries.. it was only to last us for a weeks plus.

Therapy class was good :) I presented my case and I must say I did a pretty good job hehehee Dr.Moiseev always likes to interrupt with correction and explanation when only the patient's details are given but not quite with me today!

Ehhhh.. not bad okay. I managed to cover about my patient's complaints and close to mention her Anamnesis morbi LOL He had to spoil the fun by asking me if she smokes then gave a long ass explanation to his point of the question. I thought I did well since my groupmates were complimenting and making fun of me at the same time *grins*.

I met the 3 of them at MosMart. We again shopped for stuff which requires us to visit there the following week. Wishi-wishu finally bought his toiletries. The hostel fellas told him to return about the Kahovskaya vacancy for him on 1st October. From my experience, like hell he is gonna get a room. It aint easy to move in once youre out of the hostel.

We were very tickled with this cat litter package. I took no hesitation to whip out my Nokia to snap the shameless, vulgar-sounding brand. Hahahaa please be honest. Would you ever buy this for your pet use?

Look Closely: ... you read it right! It's Pi-Pi-Bent LOL

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