Saturday, September 01, 2007


Party People: Sha, Jujhar *muuuaaahhh*, Me, Sharon and Jason

I was sloshed at Bar Savanh. Its been way tooooo long time ago since I was in this state of total control loss. Puked at McDonald’s 24-hour outlet at Damansara somemore LOL I admitlahhh that I got carried away since Jujhar bought us a bottle and it was unattended. Usually he's the one pouring drinks with reasonable measurement but he ran around doing his PR, disappeared to GOA so you can imagine the ratio when I took over!

Caught Red Handed: Hahahaha what I did the entire night!

Farah, Reza and Sharon showed up at 1am. Farah and Sharon are known as the hustlers. We met Brad the Canadian again, quite a number of people we know and made new contacts. When I was seating on the steps, an Indian dude accidentally kicked my ass. He was apologetic and chatty all the same. I remember him as “Stanley In A Nice Suit”. He told me he attended his brother’s wedding, gave us his number so Jujhar saved it LOL

The Cartoons: Harjit (not-so-convict-looking), Tricia and Me

Everything was fine until I got into the Harrier. We were tailed Sharon’s SAAB to god-knows-which-McDonald’s she wanted to take us. Next thing I know, my head was spinning like mad, my chest felt tight and reversed peristaltic movement. Jujhar stopped and I got out of the car. Nothing came out. Sharon called me on the phone. I told her 3 words- “Sharonnnn! Langkawi incident!!!”. Hahahahaa understood.

With the bright lights and Ronald McDonald statue watching us, my head was somemore spinning. Farah and Sharon got me plastic bags.. they came in handy. When much fluid had been regurgitated, I was slumped on the table. But I don’t how I managed to hit my right cheek at the edge of the table LOL Its slightly swollen. Everyone on the table burst out laughing because my reaction to the pain was 5 seconds later.

It is hard to sleep when you are sober. I stared at the ceiling till morning! Hahahahaa I haven’t been this drunk for a while. It was fun :)