Thursday, September 13, 2007

Buffet Stuff

Scooping: The other lady usually have her straps falling off her shoulders

Dolly P: She's really nice and friendly unlike most canteen ladies

The stalovaya (Russian: canteen) ladies amuse me. One reminds me of Dolly Parton (she puts on thick, THICK lipstick like shes up for some BJ) while the other looks like she just had rough sex LOL I have noooooo idea why these 2 ladies seem to be sex symbols in my eyes. Urghhh. My groupmates dont find it funny because they dont know who Dolly Parton is.

Zhao Ing and I are still running all over 3rd Floor for patients. Terrible news took place during the holidays for Aksan. His wife was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Unfortunately their baby caught pneumonia, died 2 hours later. I was shocked and it was fucking disturbing because he said it with a smile. Some grinning action on his face. I told this to Pisa and she thought maybe that is the way he covers his sadness. Still. Damn weird right.

So his wife is suffering from serious depression. Aksan said she wouldnt talk to anyone, cries all the time and doesnt want to work ever again (she is a gynaecologist). Even though this groupmate from Mauritius of mine has been with us for 3 years now.. he can be suspicious at times. I feel very sorry about his child. His name was Kamil :(

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