Thursday, August 30, 2007

50th Year

Merdeka!! *shout 7 times like how Tunku did*

Gorgeous Ravindran Cousins: Annaliza, Sasha and Myself slightly past 12am

Malaysia is my home and home is where the heart is. I love my country home. Unfortunately TheStar paper never published my article LOL Pfftttt. I wrote on the "Malaysian Youth Story" section about how I truly feel about Merdeka. Sadlah. I somemore attached a nice picture of me and those fellas in traditional outfit. Ohhhh well :(

Last night was spent at Bar Savanh. Sha and I were shifting from tables to tables LOL I was very cautious and behaved because of the fresh wound! Everybody who saw my tattoo told me how gorgeous it looked. Hahahahaaa if only people could see Sha's. Hers is just as lovely. Jujhar introduced me to many of his friends (like always). I like how his countrymen will be looking but he holds me tighter.

With The KTJ Drunkards: Michelle, Farah, Sharon, Myself and Sha

Sharon and her KTJ folks were there, Rajiv and his kakis, who else.. we made many new contacts :) Sha's twin cousins and their boyfriends were there, we hung out mostly at their table. It was fun when the countdown came. Loads of old school tracks. Ahhhhh. It was fun. I hardly drank though. Didnt want to be falling all over the place and fucking up my tattooooo :P

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