Tuesday, September 04, 2007

1 Station

I felt regretful for not returning to Russia earlier for my classes last night. It was raining heavily and I was bored. Jujhar wasnt free to look for me, Sharon was out, Tricia MIA and Harjit didnt have the car to bring Sha and I out. I could call other fellas but I was too lazy to be making plans. Ohhh well. But tonight was good as we had two yum-cha sessions.

First one was with Hian Foo. He came to my house an hour early, sat down to chit-chat with Mummy. Confessed how desperate he is to find someone to share his life with especially now that he will be spending another year in UK. He was slumped on our couch, Mummy said "Hian Foo is a very expressive boy".

Sha, Harjit and I hopped into Hian Foo's car and headed to Taman Segar. Hian Foo found all the chinese waitresses very "fit". We had some snacks, talked cock and our future, what to do with our degrees and such. Hian Foo sounds chivalrous when he speaks. Well.. he can sound like an apek (old man) sometimes but he is only being polite. So now he is making his moves on Lynnie's colleague named Jess. Good luck, man. Good luck :)

From Shorts to Pants: Hian Foo got 1st Class Honours in his Mechatronics field

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