Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tasty Thai (Food)

MmmMMmMmm: Tom Yam cooked by Sufie's wife from Thailand

Luckily today before our flight, Sufie's restaurant was opened. We had authentic Thai food for lunch. Yums! I ordered Tom Yam Chicken, Sha and Muffins both had Thai Green Curry while Tricia gave some secret code. She told Sufie, "Biasalahhh". Hahahahaa it was beef noodles.

Check out the colour: Its green LOL Even the colour blind can tell

Tricia is staying till next Wednesday.. have to stay back and PR before she leaves. I would say overall the trip was good but it would have been a REAL blast without the rain (storm). We didnt do any sight-seeing plus this is Sha's first time in Langkawi somemore. I am sure she would have enjoyed the kereta kaBEL, go ronda-ronda around and stuff. Ohhhh well. Fuck it man. Next year we are aiming elsewhere since Tricia isnt working here anymore!

But ahhh.. let's say she continues to work here also.. like hell I am coming again! LOL

The Culprit: I cant remember his name hehehee Kinda cute fella right?

At Sufie's, the Bartender from the other night who poured them tequila shots for free came for lunch too. He sat with us but he was really quiet. They were remininscing what happened that night, how they messed up the place and none of them dare show face at Aseana ever again! Bloody funny cartoons. Back to mainland, peeps! So looooooong, Langkawi :)