Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hahahahaa I finally met Roy in person today at Midvalley. We had planned to wear the same top with Superman logo and that was what we did! He wasnt hard to spot at all when Mummy and I were seated at Coffee Bean. He came around 1pm and Mummy left us there.

Roy is very soft-spoken and rather chatty. The whole time we got a lot of attention from the public, these people were looking at our faces then at our tops! Goodness. We nearly recruited one lady who was clad in a white Superman t-shirt :P Roy and I went into some Toys'R Us and then we went to look at collector's items at the ToyShop.

We had lunch at Chili's. I didnt want to go for a movie really because I promised Mummy I would attend prayers with her at Yulek. MmMmmm.. the grilled salmon I ordered was delicious! So juicy and fresh. The Mediterranean rice sucked though *gag* Roy and I snapped a picture together but it didnt turn out too well. Tis okay. I have put on weight and my spaghetti strap top is a bit tight for me now LOL

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