Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Jujhar is such a sweetheart. Whenever we go out, he always asks me to bring my friends along. He will pick them up, belanja everybody and send all home. He says that whoever comes out under his invitation must have a good time and he makes sure of it. I am impressed :)

We met up with Sharon, Manisha and Shereen. I haven’t seen Manisha for years! She was only a toddler back in Taman Cuepacs days. Shereen.. I cant remember much of her because she stayed elsewhere. We bought 6 tickets to watch the Rat movie LOL I loved the movie! Remy is adorable especially when he was saving the pot of soup! Rubbing the herbs in his tiny paws and taking whiffs from the steam. Cute! The pick was right for the kids. Manisha enjoyed it but I think Shereen was busy going in and out of the loo.

After the movie, we went to makan at Chili’s. Jujhar watched the kids when we girls went out for fresh air :P He kept making fun of Sharon being a lousy Mum, claims that he can take better care of the kids because he watches Channel 77. They teach women how to be good housewives, mothers and stuff. I told him to keep watching LOL