Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Party On

Our flight to Langkawi is at noon tomorrow and our mission tonight is to get drunk so that we can float at the terminal! Just kiddinglah. We actually returned to The Loft LOL The last time we were there, my handbag was whisked away. Tonight there were loads of friends. Sha counted and told me we hung out with 7 Bhai fellas. It's her current fascination :P

Hosein was there with Rajiv and his cousin, Kelvin. Why arent I surprised! He actually said "Enough of sight-seeing with Praveen. I want some real sight!". He might have brought 2-3 girls back with him. Aaahhh.. I lala-ed from table to table. It was fun. Jai was at the VIP, had a moment of gathering with Sharon LOL

The 2-3 Girls Aint Us: Hosein being naughty after his family left LOL

Nigel brought his cousins and friends, Dominic came too. Tricia didnt because she was at a house party in Sentul (pray hard she wakes up in the morning). Jujhar and FaiEzal planned earlier to patronise Mambo Jambo but last minute their company canceled out on them. Ohhhh well. The more the merrier! I enjoyed myself so much! Jasvin was there too. Lucky he was smart to target someone else since I was hanging on to Jujhar *wink*.

Party On!: A lot of cousins in action tonight LOL Where's mine?

Nigel said: "Ooohhh I have never looked so happy in pictures!"

Music was surprisingly good on a Wednesday night. Packed too. We didnt have a table so our turf was around the bar by the dancefloor. It was craaaaaazy. I was busy dancing so we didnt drink much to be honest. Not like we were really serious about floating at the terminal! Sharon's Harvin was there too. He is always quiet, doesnt talk much but this is the first time ever I hung out with him for more than 10minutes! The previous time I met him only in the car when he came to pick me and Sharon home.

Future Family: Glowing with happiness on her face, I am happy for Muffins

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