Thursday, August 09, 2007

(Not So) Unfortunate

My first time back at the club scene after Penang was crazy until my handbag was conveniently stolen by someone in The Loft. There was a pile of handbags on the couch and the next thing I know, mine wasnt there. We checked on the floor, along the table.. then I told Sha to call my number. It was switched off so you know what happenedlahhh.

I panicked for a while. Not because of the cash and handphone lost. More like my IC was inside together with my house keys. All kinds of pictures ran in my head. What if the fella comes to rob my house since my address is on the IC and an idiot can tell those are house keys! After closing, I called FaiEzal (who was on the bus headed to Redang) and he passed me Jujhar's number.

Jujhar is like Sukhi's clanlahhh. Turban and alot of hair. Hahahaaha read that. A lot of hair. Hahahaha. He drove me to Brickfields Police Station and we lodged a report. Sha and Harjit sat and waited outside with him while I had to lie about the incident. Jujhar explained that it was better to say that it was a snatch-thief case. True. Not like the policewoman doing the graveyard shift at 415 in the morning would be thrilled to know I gave her work because I drank and did not look after my belongings!

But because of this mishap.. I made a friend :)

One of the VERY rare club nights with all of us dressed in colours!

No Point Frowning: Dominic, Sharon, Tricia, Reza, Sha and Myself screaming "Gone, gonelahhh!!"

My First Time: Lodging the "snatch-thief" report at Brickfields Police Station"

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