Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Tattoo


Andreas piercing the outline of my butterfly

We did it. My best friend and I went to the Dragonfly tattoo parlour in Midvalley today. Our tattoo artist was Andreas (from Sabah) who has 10 years experience in this field. He was quick. The needle pricking lasted 30minutes and how do I describe the pain. It was excruciating at some points, numb at others and unlike Sasha, I definitely cant handle the "M" as well as her LOL

Harjit and Jujhar looking on with the same pose and angle LOL

Sasha got herself a lovely Sakura flower, on the side of her left hip. Because of the location, Andreas carried out his skills in the cubicle. When it was my turn, we shifted outside. I couldnt handle the closed vacinity anymore and the buzzing of that needle gun made me nauseous. Jujhar and Harjit watched in silence. Hahahahaa we believe these guys will look at us differently from now on.

Look at the vines.. Andreas did them freehand!

I love my tattoo. I love it so bloody much. A bluish-purple butterfly in remembrance of Daddy. Blue is his favourite colour while purple is mine. Brad the Canadian actually said "There is much depth in it". I didnt even tell him anything!

Mummy says its pretty. I am glad the second I took a look at it with my slightly teary eyes, I was happy. Really happy. But I had also prepared myself earlier to accept any fuck up. This art is gonna be on me for the rest of my life. I am thankful Andreas did a great job :)