Thursday, August 16, 2007

Langkawi II

Sleeeepy: Still high from last night's gala at The Loft :P

Hahahahaa what a joke for a holiday getaway!

If we werent such lala folks, we would have been so grumpy with faces like prunes until we leave the island. Last night getting sloshed at The Loft was tiresome. Sha was the only one sober, at least. Sharon drank till she puked, her SAAB didnt start until 5am and she arrived late to check in at LCC-T.

Can you laugh?: Looklahhh.. under the umbrellas as soon as we landed

Our activities in the room: Sha was so syiok to take this picture LOL

Langkawi is swallowed by ribut taufan. We are cold and wet all the time. Have to stay indoors today. I spent most of my time sms-ing Jujhar, Sha on her books while Sharon and Tricia sleeps. Our room at Langkasuka Hotel is sweet though. Sujaen (Tri's ex-bf but trying to get back together) had arranged it for us and we even got pilot's discounts hahahaa Met some of his friends like Arjay and Amrit. Very nice boys :)

The Umbrella: Yesss.. the grounds all wet from the ribut taufan

We met Tri's cousins and it was good to see Tina again. The last time I saw her was years ago! Since there wasnt much we can do, we thought the first day should be slow and relaxing. We rented ourselves a car to get around. All I want is to get tanned. Hopefully the sun peeks out really soon!