Friday, August 17, 2007

Island Revisited

We are real cartoons! Tri kept saying we shouldnt jinx the good weather so whenever there was a bit of sunshine, we would go "Ehhh, ehhhhh. You know what is out" *nudge nudge*. It was hilarious. We had lunch at Chiew Seafood Restaurant, just like last year. I was pleased that Chiew (the owner) remembers me :) He said that I put on weight though! This trip we ordered alot of main dishes to share. Tri who doesnt eat actually ate one whole plate of rice on her own LOL

Sha and I did a 100m dash to the beach behind Langkasuka. The sun was lovely and now I have a burnt back. Bravo :P We didnt swim in the sea. 3/4 of us are having period (except me) but Mummy warned me to stay out of the waters. No matter. There were some cute fellas 2 canopies from us, playing some beachball and Sha hurriedly took off her pants to apply sunblock!! Now THAT was a classic case LOL Sharon and I laughed till we could hardly breath.

Tonight they were to ASEANA Hotel to check out the club scene. Tri used to work there with D'Enigma but they were undercut. The management decided to sack them and hired another band for a much lower price. The new band is called Fuzzy Logic and they suck (so I was told) How to trust their performance when their band name is such LOL

I stayed in because I was coughing my lungs out. It was the (very) spicy Tom Yam Fried Rice I had that aggrevated my cough I think *shrugs* Sha, Tri and Sharon went ahead. I went back to sleep after popping 2 panadols. I knew they would drink on my behalf and toast for me :)

They really did! They even came back with BIG and MeSsY drama, Tri's "aeroplane" gait into the room, classic! The details of the episode till morning light.. lets just leave that in the memories of C4 LOL

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