Saturday, August 11, 2007

From Iran

Not Illegal: Hahahaaa I made Harjit snapped this proof for me

I have the spirit to keep on partying even with a temporary IC! Hahahahaa tonight was rather special because Hosein and Aida were invited to Bar Savanh with us. Praveen brought them over and I am glad they enjoyed themselves. Strangely, this week's Saturday was quiet and empty. Never mind the crowd because we still had a blast! :)

Shoutout To: Aida from Iran in da' house, Dr.Praveen, Myself and Sha

From Jujhar: He bought every lady a flaming and we all drank like fishes!

Jujhar brought many of his friends, introduced me to his best friend since the days they wore shorts (or maybe diapers.. not too sure!). Christopher and I didnt stop making fun of each other even under the bright lights at the mamak! Bugger! Everybody thanked Jujhar for his generosity. Aida actually asked why is my friend meaning Jujhar so nice LOL Well.. I answered her "my friend what". Sha and Harjit came too. My best was supposed to leave the scene earlier because the Ma and Pa aint too happy with the clubbing but they stayed until closing hahahahaa They had lok-lok and left.

My best friend and her bf, Harjit (as if the whole world doesnt know already LOL)

Aida and her Mum will leave next Monday but Hosein will stay put for another week. I can tell what he will be up to. Staying to taste the local treats. It was good to let them see what I do during my summer holidays anyway. In Moscow I am all hommie and even when they go out to club, I would keep a very low profile and not drink except sip cocktails. Now there goes my reputation, naiiiiikkkk saham!