Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fast Legs

Fats was ecstatic when he called this afternoon. He took part in a race under Men’s Open 12km Category. It was the Sheares Bridge Marathon (a huge event according to him) with more than 30,000 participants. He has retired from running for Catholic Junior College so this participation was on his own.

Guess what. My brother finished 3rd! He told me the winner is an Australian and 2nd place grabbed by a fellow Malaysian. Click here for the results. Mummy and I are very proud of him. Their names are on the main website and the local papers too. He received prize money of S$250 and a watch. Perhaps something else too, I can’t remember. He gave himself and his friends a treat at a fancy restaurant. I am really happy for him, that silly boy!

He is having A’Levels trials (exam in October). Bless him, sometimes he sounded so stressed over the phone. Mummy doesn’t ask about his results nor progress anymore even if he doesn’t inform us anything. He was shaken by the loss of Po Po but that’s life. We have to accept fate as it comes. He has been seeing different girls every different weekend :P Fats says that’s a trait he inherited from Daddy LOL

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