Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Jujhar had to pick up his sister later in the afternoon around 230pm. He drove to my house around 11am and we went to Midvalley for my tattoo enquiry to fill the time gap. After scanning the butterfly and sakura designs available at Dragonfly, we bought tickets for Rush Hour 3. It was okay.

The real fun part was watching movie for the first time together :) I asked if he has been to the cinema with girls before. He said no. Then corrected himself and said yes but they were his cousins LOL He confessed that he was feeling excited about it. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker spoke too much while the action was less than expected. So-so onlylahhh.

After Jujhar left, I went to rendezvous with Vina (a chatmate from mIRC). He got back from Australia a couple of weeks ago. We chat on the phone pretty often plus the other night at Bar Savanh, we only had a brief meeting at the entrance so I thought it was proper to see him over lunch. Hahahaa he is rather fun to hang out with.

Pose For Me: Face kinda hidden but nothing's amiss

We shared a plate of nachos at Chili's. My handphone was busy ringing from the sms so he confisticated it. Kept it on his seat! A couple of hours passed by quickly and it was time to go home. He promised to send me back to Cheras even though we left when the jam was building up. It was drizzling too.

One thing I didnt like about him was he drove like a maniac. The music player was turned maximum. I was turning deaf but he heard every word I said. Although I reached home in one piece.. I wouldnt wanna be in his car again!