Monday, August 13, 2007

A Chance

Jujhar brought me to Lookout Point at the Ampang hills to ask, "Will you have a relationship with me?".. I nearly died. That was the sweetest question I have ever heard from a guy. I have a number of relationships before but this is the first time I was politely asked to be an official girlfriend!

I know our relationship is highly questionable. Not only is he a Punjabi, a traditional one to add with turban and all the hair (LOL) but he tells me to trust him. Guess what. I am his FIRST girlfriend.

I know, I know. I have taken the interracial relationship to a higher level. But it feels right. I am proud to be with him. We walk hand in hand and the looks we get are aplenty. Especially from the Chinese folks. I am glad that Mummy is approving, supportive in fact. She always says.. "It doesnt matter what race as long as he is a good man". Till now I can safely say Jujhar IS a good man.

We agree to take things slow and he always says that it is going to be long-term. I cannot write all the opinion about him in this entry. Let me give some examples to why I think he is amazing:

On matter of having a girlfriend/wife/marriage:
-I have to establish myself, make sure I can afford to provide for her. She is someone else's daughter I am taking care of and I have to do my best to give her all the happiness.

On matter of our relationship.. like I am a Chinese and he is Punjabi:
-It doesnt matter because at the end of the day, it is my life. Trust me. I will make it work. There will be changes and people have to accept changes. Dont worry. Just trust me. (I do)

On matter of me:
-I know you are a very nice girl. I dont care about your past (he has never asked) because it is you whom I know now and the future we will go through together. I want you to be happy and I will do anything as long as you are happy.

The Picture: Jujhar is too good to be true. Or so I think?