Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beach BBQ

The Pilots: Ajay fanning, Amrit looking on with Sujaen grilling sausages

We carried out our not-so-annual BBQ by the beach this year!! Earlier, Sharon and Tricia went to Teoh Soon Huat (name of the grocer’s) with Sujaen to buy charcoal, seafood, chicken, lala (clams), utensils and everything for tonight. We nicely marinated the foods while Arjay and Amrit set up the BBQ pit. We wrapped the bags of lala and prawns in aluminum foils, they were delicious! Juicy and sweet! Lucky Sha and I decided to tattoo after this trip, imagine we cant take seafood for 2 weeks!

Preparing the seafood: Sha and I in the midst of wrapping prawns

We only drank Root Beer, Sprite and Fanta! Sharon, Tricia and Sha all got very hangover from last night so alcohol was of course out of the list. Arjay was the designated man with thongs (behind the BBQ pit). Amrit and Sharon had their fun speaking Punjabi. Amrit knows Jujhar, gave me some details about him. He was so curious about us until every time we mentioned Jujhar’s name, he immediately turned to listen LOL Aaaaahhh, good times. Gooooood times!

The Wind: Check out my hair and Tricia's.. well, just check out Tricia LOL

More help needed!! It was fun really but wasted can't see the flying lalas!

Until strong wind blew, the rain came and all the stuff went flying LOL We screamed and screamed, trying to hold on whatever we could on the table for dear life! The salad leaves, the Styrofoam cups and plates, the lalas!! OMG the lalas! What a waste :( Ajay assured us that they were passing clouds and it will be normal again after 15minutes. We were soaked, shivering (still holding on to the stuff) but we refused to move until I was sent out to say prayers. They shouted, “Chin!! Go pray!!”.

I did. And the wind stopped. The rain didn’t pour no more *grins*.

Vicious Pincers: Muffins happily posing with the crab then later eats it!

Getting cooked: Aaahhh.. check out the sexy Flower Crab on the pit

We continued our seafood fiesta with the crabs (since all the lalas were gone). Tricia taught us how to break their legs with HP sauce bottle LOL It was hilarious! I was bloated from laughing and all the eating. Goodness. Thanks to the boys, we could enjoy the BBQ nicely. As if we would have been starting the fire, saving the blown away foods! Langkawi is ROCKS!

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