Friday, August 31, 2007

Banana Leaf

Nirvana seems to be the designated joint for us during the day AND night. I dont remember signing a contract with them but its all good anyways :) It all started when Sharon kept bringing there for lunch since shes working for Farah's mum at BangsarViIIage now. Then we met Jujhar and everytime we decide to mamak, thats where its gonna be.

Unlike other Friday nights, we actually came here to mamak. But it was special because this was the first time the C4 sat down here together. Jujhar was the designated driver. He drove to pick me up, rounded Sha up and after she hopped in, we got Tri from Sg.Long before turning into Kenny Hills for Sharon. Hahahaaa poor fella. Then he had to sit through our massive bitching about everyone/thing that revolves around us (plus other irrelevant issues).

It was fun. We didnt pay the bill until the staff started to sweep the floor and I guess they got impatient waiting for us. Dahlahhh all of us have thick skin like an elephant's backside. They politely told us they were closing. As if we didnt know :P Sha brought her camera and randomly took pictures at the table. Let me upload some here.

Talkers: Sharon was telling some great stories.. I think

Listeners: Balances the chi, if not encourages her to talk more!

Posers: Jujhar's t-shirt.. you believe he didnt wear it on purpose? LOL

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