Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trick Candles

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To Sasha, Happy Birthday To You!! *hugs and kisses*

I am so glad my best was surprised with the change of venue. The trouble making the plans was all worthwhile. When Sha was drowning in her revision for CLP exams, we mind-boggled on what to do for her birthday which was also on the same day of her last paper. You seelah. Kasi olang susah LOL

In the end, I made the call to have dinner at Inakatei Restaurant at Leisure Mall. Tri and Sharon arent very big fans of the cuisine but in the end they were slurped every ala-carte plate clean :P Hahahaha C4 was united for the first time. Tri appeared really tired though. She was stuck in the heavy jam for hours. After a while she was alright. Ooohhh it was Sha's treat for the dinner somemore!

On Clockwise For More Than A Decade : Me, Tricia, Sasha, Sharon

Harjit and I chose BR's ice-cream cake for her. Both of us were fooled by the looks of the chocolate cake-with-brownie-pieces-on-top at first. OMG. Luckily, the nice BR staff explained to us about the difference between "cake" flavour and "ice cream" flavour. Phew! It was a small cake, in the shape of a heart and yesterday I bought trick candles from Times Square LOL Sha had a tough time blowing them out! We all had a good laugh about it :)

Tomorrow's the real deal. Post-exam and Sha's birthday party at The Loft!

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