Thursday, July 26, 2007


Yen, Sha and I had Vietnamese food for lunch this afternoon. Hian Foo joined us later. The 3 of us (without Hian Foo) do this yearly. Except for last year since Sha stayed in UK for the summer holidays. She looks gorgeous with the curls! Seriously. No one would believe medical students are so hot nowadays!

Its impressive when you think about it. Hian Foo, Yen and I are pure Sri Murnians. We were there since Std1. Sha joined us in Std3. Seated there were 2 medical students, one engineer and one lawyer. We have a list of professionals in the making. I believe there is nothing wrong with our alma mater. We turned out fine.

After like 2 hours plus of catching up and updates on other ex-schoolmates, we left. Yen went to get groceries while Hian Foo sent both of us home. Poor boy hasnt been feeling too well since he got back last Sunday. Later tonight we are going to The Loft to celebrate Sha's belated birthday cum post-CLP nightmare LOL I need to sleep for it. I know its definitely gonna be a long night!


laricp said...

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Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Has anyone of you noticed this comment? LOL

Let me do the usual translation Spanish-English. Sooo.. the dude's saying:

Hello: Greetings to you and I congratulate you for your blog. And in transit, you command a link to here if you want to give it a look.

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