Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hotel Reservation

Usually, to be honest, I tend to rely on my friends for all the bookings for accommodation, call-making, enquiry, planning out the itinery. transport and everything necessary for a holiday getaway. I could always do it or at least help out but I had a very bad experience with a lousy website and pretty much screwed up our holiday to Singapore 2 summers ago. I shall not reveal the website or inlcude its link here since it could have been just me, careless with the rules and regulations.

So here I am having my summer holidays and religiously, we choose a destination to abandon the busy life in the city on annual basis. This time, I took charge :) I googled one website after another and it didnt take me too long to find an ideal site. With
Hotel Discounts my family and I successfully managed a comfortable trip to Bali, Indonesia. Bali is famous for its glorious beaches, majestic landscapes and local treats but in order to enjoy every bit of the island, I knew every factor had to be perfect. It didnt take me too long with this website. The layout itself looked trustable, not overdone with graphics and icons. Simple and clear for not-too-technology-savvy users like myself. Doesnt require much IQ to get what you did. I like that. To my surprise, they offer great deals with relatively low prices. The description of the hotels are very attractive and even the 4/5-star hotels are reasonably priced!

You can browse by Best Value, Quality, Prices and it really saved my time that way. God knows how long a person can sit on his/her ass just clicking on the mouse! The best part about this website is that they offer discounts on rooms which are marked as "Special Internet Rates" which save you (quite a bit of) money. Because of the large number of lodging reservations they process, they are able to negotiate special rates with the properties. But in order to secure the reservation at such low rate, up-front payment of credit card is required.

This website has world wide coverage from metropolitans to lodging at suburban regions. The best way to actually check if the prices are as low as they claim is to compare with your past experiences. This was what I did. I visited Langkawi Island, Malaysia with my best friends last year and the hotel we stayed in was quite pricey. I keyed it on HotelReservations and much to my dismay, it turned out to be slightly cheaper!! And also a list of other better hotels. Alrighty. All said and done, browsed and paid.. I am smelling a grrrrrreat holiday with this efficient site!! :)