Saturday, July 28, 2007

Own Kaki

Smile onlylahh: Liz, Ann, Josh, Me, Sha

Sha, Harjit and I dropped by The Ivy (also on Asian Heritage Row) to meet Josh and his cousins. Josh is a regular at mIRC. What a venue to meet for the first time right :P Josh told me his cousin, Ann studies in Kursk and she happens to be How How's classmate LOL We hung out for a while, chat a bit and left to meet FaiEzal and gang.

I knew Dipta and all were gonna be there since she sent me a message on Friendster earlier. At the entrance, Sha spotted Wishnu and Praveen. I caught Palvin at the porch outside and he was ecstatic to see me. Hahahaa FaiEzal's girlfriend, Yuga was there. We all know who she is :P I was pleased to hear his friends say "So you are the Chin who studies in Russia!", "Ooohh I heard so much about you (and Sasha)!" etc Damn funnylahhh.

Boobie Grabs: Victim No.1 Me, Hamsap Dipta, Victim No.2 Syuh, Viro

After 20minutes when I showed my face at Dipta's table, they were all drunk and falling all over the place! Hari, Syuh, Jaspal, Aliah, Praveen, Wishnu, Rajiv, Viro.. basically the entire Moscow folks! It was dark and I aint too sure but I swear I saw Syuh was teary when she saw me! :) It was too good to see all of them again. There was a Japanese dude called Tek, some whites and a tall dude called Reza. Everyone was so friendly.. well, arent all drunkards? LOL

Donkey Years: Leader of The (Ex-) Tamil Tigers

We returned to FaiEzal's table till closing. The Tamil Tigers have split and FaiEzal seems to be hanging out with this turban-clad Bhai mostly. Jujhar :P Hes really nice. Sha and Harjit making atrocious rumours that he likes me! Hahahahaha whateverlah. Guess who I met there somemore.

Dave! The much heard about Reena's Dave!!!

Stealing Kisses: Wishnu, Me, Dave, Des'ree and Jack (not my brother)

It was a coincidence. Wishnu was standing around the bar opposite us with a small group so I nudged Wishnu, scolded him for not introducing his friends. I told them my name and Dave nearly crushed my hand LOL There were 3 Chinese girls- Des'ree, Angie and Shereen. Dave said Des'ree thinks she's Indian so I assured her she's not alone. From there I nicknamed ourselves "Cina Sesat" :P I enjoyed myself too much tonight. I wasnt drunk but I believe when you act like one, its easier to slip away from the *HABs.

We met quite a number of people there and as usual-lahhhh. These Indian dudes were trying to "dance" with me. Some Sabir, Sanjay, Adrian, Jay fella, Terence (what an idiot) ..he tried to pick a fight with Wishnu and Dave. That was the minus point for the night. So I shall be off to Penang next week and no more clubbing for me till I return to KL!

*Hidden Agenda Boy

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