Sunday, July 22, 2007


I met Mervin for dinner and we watched "Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix". Aahhh so nice to see my old friend again :) I didnt manage to meet up with him last year. Either we were both busy or we just procrastinated. Kept thinking I have a lot of time left. But then again, we chat on msn so meeting him in person was really to see with my own eyes if hes alright physically.

And yes, he is LOL

We got freebies from GSC! Fresh&White toothpaste! Hahahaha not even relevant to the movie we watched. What the hell right. We makan-ed at Char Chan Teng and he made me pose this! This year we changed venue so we missed our "siu kai yik" session (Cantonese: BBQ chicken wings) at Cheras Business Center.

It was Mervin's first time watching a Harry Potter movie so it was an eye-opener for him. Poor thing, he had to keep them opened for 2hours plus. I enjoyed the movie, CGI effects if one thing but the plot just gets more and more interesting. Mervin has resigned his job with the One Academy. I always teased him that he graduated from that design school and they hired him, he can earn back the tuition fees!

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