Sunday, July 08, 2007


I accompanied Mummy to Johore for prayers this weekend. We took ZUCO Express because Mummy said its always punctual and the bus is comfortable. I only liked the bus icon. A man running with a suitcase hehehee

The Amitabha Centre in Kulai held their first Buddhist Charity Event, it lasted for 6 days but we attended only the last 2 days. We were very lucky because it rained the night before so the weather was cool and slightly windy. My knees kinda hurt from the kneeling. Mummy made many friends immediately and I am delighted that most of the people are very friendly. Polite too. The chief monk had a good sense of humour when explaining some terms in Buddhism. I feel enlightened now to know what is my religion really.

There we scripts containing mantras in Chinese. For some odd reasons, I knew how to read them. I chanted loudly whenever I could.. basically pulled a Mr.Bean-at-the-church :P Lunch served was delicious. Mummy got very involved today during the closing ceremony. It was Daddy's blessing that she could because usually, only donors over RM10,000 and above are invited to do it. Our donation was nowhere close, at all to that number! Mummy felt so blessed.

I am happy that she came back grinning. Mummy dreamt of Daddy earlier this week. She said Daddy looked like hes in nirvana. Thats what we all hope for and if he really is.. it means our prayers are answered :)