Thursday, July 26, 2007

2-in-1 Party

Hian Foo came to my house and later 2 more cars turned up and we actually convoyed to The Loft! Neither Dominic nor Pork Chop (somemore no need to say) knows the way to Asian Heritage Row very well. I blindly led all of us there :P

SSM Breeds: Partying with Sha, Tri, Sharon and Hian Foo at The Loft!

Smack That!: Well.. thats Jason but Sha clarified that it was only the angle LOL

Harjit got us a nice corner table on the VIP section. Many of Sha's friends came. There was Ah Hong, Jason, a few I dont remember their names, Joanne and some others from Asia Brickfields College (where Sha did her CLP). Tri and Sharon arrived later after the party started. Music was okay tonight. My best opened a bottle since most of those who came werent gonna drink although we ourselves do. I guess it was okay since they were pricy anyways. Hian Foo left early since he wasnt feeling too well plus there wasnt chicks he could hit on LOL THAT must have been the real reason!

Highlight of the night was when FaiEzal came over!! It was sooooooo nice to see him again! He brought 2 companies with him. One hot chick and a Punjabi dude who turned out to be Sha's classmate from CLP but they have never spoken in class hahahahaaa Sha got a flaming out of nowhere. Not knowing it was from Jujhar, she went to thank FaiEzal :P That ex-Tamil Tigers leader disappeared to the dancefloor with Shakira while Jujhar stood around, watching the crowd.

We carried on dancing, I spotted Rajiv (not a surprise anymore) with his cousin, Kevin from UK. Sha was pretty sloshed and constantly reminded us to watch her balance! We flaunted our moves on the walkway of course. It was fun :) I hung out with Jujhar off and on, he bought me Double-shot of Whiskey. He seems like nice. He said that post-CLP means party everyday so I asked what are they doing tomorrow.. he said they would be in Bar Savanh! Yes!! I just made us contacts to party for the rest of the weekend! *wink*

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