Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wrapped In Foil

Everytime I prepare this dish, it reminds me of good ol' Viro. The first time she visited my apartment at Paul's, she was overwhelmed by the wonders of aluminium foil in cooking. First, thoroughly massaged the chinese herbs mix on a whole chicken, give it a good rub, add in some dried wolfberries and red dates (for aroma to seep inside out) and steam it for 2 hours under low fire. "Very simple, no skills involved!"- Tie My Shoe

I am doing last round of studying for tomorrow's Therapy exam. Out of 38 questions given, I covered perhaps... 20 (maybe less but thats really okay LOL) and fuck a few which I doubt will be questioned. This is when I feel slightly doubtful and fear for irony but laziness always triumph over them all :) Pisa is still lala-ing but then again, her knowledge for diagnosing a case is always 80% correct so no worries about her. So only the 2 Chinese in the house are busy burying noses in the books while the Indian blasts music in her ears. Sighhh. I am jealous!

So we had a great dinner which reminded me that the day before Infectious Disease exam, we had a feast as well. I dont like to use the term Last Supper because Jesus died the next day right. Hahahaha could potentially be our pre-5 scoring dinner!! The Emperor Chicken turned out awesome! Like always actually. I mean after hours of steaming in the foil, the broth was sweet and the meat was soft and tender. One bag of stir-fried brocolli to add.. MmMMmmmMMm!

ps. sam-koko, this entry is for you LOL feel free to drool!

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